About Us



Spectrum Coffee., headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL, provides coffee services to offices throughout the United States.  Spectrum is the fastest growing "Office Coffee Company" in the country providing national installation and service to both Fortune 500 and small businesses alike.  


One of the misconceptions about traditional coffee service is that brewing equipment is free of charge. You ultimately pay more for the products you use daily in return for the “free” brewer at your office. The cost of energy efficient commercial brewing equipment has drastically dropped over the past few years. Spectrum, in turn, passes along that savings to you. Ask your Spectrum professional to evaluate the best brewing solution for your office.


Spectrum’s business model allows for the quick turnaround of deliveries of products for special occasions, one-time meetings and times when supplies run out unexpectedly. This is impossible to accomplish for traditional route delivery coffee services that arrive every 2-4 weeks. Spectrum provides free delivery for all orders over $75. 


Spectrum strongly supports organizations that ensure fair prices for all involved in the growing, importing and roasting of fair trade products. Organic products protect both the farmer and consumer from harmful pesticides and chemicals used in most coffee production. Although many certified fair trade coffees are also certified organic, it is not always the case. Visit Spectrum’s selection of Fair Trade and Organic Products to learn more.




It’s Time To Discover A New Brew

20% - 70% Cost Savings in Coffee & Drinking Water Solutions

Spectrum’s innovative business model allows us to lower the cost of your annual coffee expenditures. 


Drinking Water Cooler Experience & Expertise

Spectrum is the oldest filtered drinking water cooler company in the country. Our client list includes some of the largest companies in the world. Recently, Spectrum executed the largest water cooler rollout in the history of the industry. Many companies have discovered the benefits of consolidating their coffee and water service with Spectrum.